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603 Paws Welcome to Meredith, NH

Meredith, New Hampshire: 603 Paws is excited to announce they are opening their doors to all pet-parents and wagging tails of the Lakes Region. The mission of 603 Paws is to provide a unique place with something special for both pets and their caring owners to enjoy. Store hours are 10AM-5:30PM Monday through Thursday, 10:30AM-5:30PM Fridays, 10AM-7PM on Saturdays, and 10AM-4PM on Sundays. There is a bit of everything in the store - from graphic T-shirts and unique accessories for owners to locally made treats and toys for both cats and dogs.

“I am so excited to welcome you to the 603 Paws retail location at Mill Falls Marketplace in Meredith, New Hampshire. I knew this was the perfect location to have 603 Paws Pet Boutique nestled in with these other wonderful businesses,” said Heather Janaitis, Owner of 603 Paws. “Just think, where else can you shop for your dog or cat, or look for a unique gift and arrive by boat or by car?”

You never know what you might find at 603 Paws because Heather is always finding new and exciting items to add to her inventory. Find plushies, jewelry, pet-themed household items, and apparel for you and a wide variety of toys, treats, pet-care items, outdoor accessories, and more for your furry best friends. There is truly something for everyone here.

In opening the store, there has been an outpouring of love and support from friends and locals alike. Owner of Seashells Digital Media, Michelle Frahm states, “It has indeed been a pleasure to not only help my best friend but also exciting from a business perspective to help Heather take her passion and love for animals to the next level.”

To learn more about what’s happening at 603 Paws, please visit

About 603 Paws: We specialize in dog & cat toys, treats, apparel, and accessories. We also offer custom-created T-Shirts for humans, gift items, and more! We carry popular items such as Lupine Leashes, Teddy the Dog, Dog is Good, GoDog Toys, Kong, and an array of New Hampshire Made products.

All wagging tails and curious whiskers are welcome at 603 Paws. So, come on by and bring along your pets to meet the official store greeters, Ozzy & Olivia, who will be at the store every Tuesday-Saturday.

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