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Pet Products for Everyone
About Me

My name is Heather, and my story of how I started 603Paws is nothing unusual, but if the pandemic had not happened, and I hadn't lost my job of 15 years, this never would have happened!!!  Well, maybe it would have.  

I live in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire with my husband and my seven, yes! seven fur babies Olivia and Ozzy, our pugs, and Peekaboo, Princess, and Pistachio, and Mooshi, our cats, and our newest kitten Jasmine. Meet our team.

 I decided dogs and cats would be my business, and what a fun business to be in.   I figured with all of the years I put into other businesses; it was my turn.  One thing led to another, and I was working with a great designer to help with the design of the shirts.  I knew I wanted some retail store but wanted a different, fun, unique experience, so the idea of the pop-up pet boutique shop was born.




White and Brown Stylish Appliances Product Features Instagram Post (2)

Custom Design Dog Collar and Leash with Meredith NH

603 Paws NH Pet CBD

Pet CBD Oil and Treats

603 Paws NH Dog Life Vests

Dog Life Vests

Looking for the perfect gift for your pet or a fellow pet lover? Look no further! Our pet shop carries a variety of products from treats and toys to fashionable pet clothing. We also offer gifts for humans who love pets, making us the perfect one-stop-shop for all your pet needs. Come see what's in store for your furry friend today!



Pet Tags with Many Styles & Themes

Enrichment Toys including Lick Mats

Enrichment Toys including Lick Mats & Doggy Peanut Butter

Snuggle Cat and Dog for Pet by 603 Paws NH5

Snuggle Puppy for Cats and Dogs

Bosco & Roxy Cookies

Bosco & Roxy Cookies

603 Furry Friends

Stay connected with us by following our Facebook and Instagram pages! We post updates about upcoming events, special offers, and adorable pet pictures. Don't forget to tag us in your pet photos too, we love seeing our furry friends!
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