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My name is Heather, and my story of how I started 603Paws is nothing unusual, but if the pandemic had not happened, and I hadn't lost my job of 15 years, this never would have happened!!!  Well, maybe it would have.  

I live in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire with my husband and my seven, yes! Seven fur babies Olivia and Ozzy, our pugs, and Peekaboo, Princess, and Pistachio, Mooshi our cats, and our newest kitten Jasmine.​

I have worked in retail since graduating from College, which was a long time ago!!! I always wanted to do my own business but just never found the right idea or have the time.  Well, March 2020 changed everything, and it hit me with the reality of losing a job I loved and figuring out, “now what am I going to do”?  So I started to doodle little sketches of dogs and cats, and I would send them to my friends to get an opinion?  With their input, I would make little changes here and there, and I thought these would make cute t-shirts. 

I had to come up with a name hmmmmmmmm!  I live in New Hampshire, so I wanted the name to reflect the area but wanted it to be catchy.  So after many drafts, rewrites, opinions, and yes! More doodles I came up with 603Paws!  Designing the logo was fun. I went through so many, many, many, many versions till one day I had it!!!!   

I was so excited! and I decided dogs and cats would be my business, and what a fun business to be in.   I figured with all of the years I put into other businesses; it was my turn.  One thing led to another, and I was working with a great designer to help with the design of the shirts.  I knew I wanted some retail store but wanted a different, fun, unique experience, so the idea of the pop-up pet boutique shop was born.

My husband and I went shopping for an enclosed trailer, and once we found one, my mind was swirling on how to decorate this plain, boring cargo trailer and make it a WOW!!!!!  

So much fun, that’s all I can say, and seeing it come to life was AWESOME!!!! I don’t want to repeat myself, but filling the pop-up with so many fun dog and cat products was an absolute dream! It was so amazing to make my own decisions and not have to check with someone else!  If I liked it! I got it! And I know my customers will love and appreciate the unique items I have found. I wanted a boutique-style shopping experience with unique items you don’t see at national retailers. Learning to become my own Boss, I will tell you, is scary, but I have learned so much, and to finally put to use all that I have learned into investing in myself is a great feeling. 

I want to thank my husband Greg for supporting me and being by my side when I needed advice.  Michelle for always being there to listen and give advice. Linda for giving advice and being brutally honest with me when I needed it.

I would also like to thank Michelle again, from Seashells Digital Media for designing my website and Facebook and Instagram. Also, the fun photoshoots!!!

I would also like to thank Luke at Pinion Designs for everything and the redo’s and thoughts and ideas to make this my reality!

We hope everyone who visits my site, and comes to see me at Mill Falls Marketplace has a wonderful experience and enjoys all of the beautiful pet supply products and gifts. I have chosen to give you the most beautiful pet boutique shopping experience!


Thank you,


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