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For Pets and Everyone
NH Made

NH Made

Discover the best of New Hampshire's locally-made pet products! You'll fall in love with Jo's Pet Treats & Bandanas, Clearly Balanced Days Pet CBD, and Happy Belly Bites. Pamper your furry friend with Gunther's Goodies, 3 Biddy's, and Crochet Cat Nip Toys from Mama Essentials will have you ready for adventures; plus Lupine Leash & Collars, stay bug-free with our amazing Bug Spray by Hazel Moon Botanicals DEET FREE, and stay stylish with shirts from The Edge Tie-Dye.


EXCLUSIVE Meredith Collars & Leashes

603 Dog Treats NH Made

Gunthers Goodies, Happy Belly Bites, and More

603 Paws NH Pet CBD

Pet CBD Oil and Treats

603 Paws Meredith Lupine Leash

Lupine Leash and Collars

Dog Treats

Dog Treats


Natural Dog Chews


Natural Dog Chews Including Bones and Horns


Treat your furry friend to a world of delights! Check out Jo's Pet Treats, Clearly Balanced Days Pet CBD, Happy Belly Bites, Gunther's Goodies, Yak Cheese,
3 Biddy's, Cat Nip Toys, Dog Beer, Lazy Dog Cookie Company, Tuesday Natural Dog, and No Hyde for the ultimate pet pampering experience!



Get ready for endless entertainment with our incredible selection of toys! From durable classics like Kong and Nylabone to playful new additions like Lickmats and Buddy Butter, we've got it all. Keep your pup engaged with our slow bowls and snuffle toys, or treat your furry friend to a local-themed Moose or NH Frizbee.

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Birthday Toys and Gifts

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Coffee Themed Toys and Holders


Kong Toys


Tough Toys


Holiday Themed and More


Sport Themes


Cat Toys and Cat NIp


Funny Toys

Collars, Leashes, Harnesses

One of a kind Meredith NH Leash and Collars

One of a kind Meredith NH Leash and Collars

Dog Harnes

Dog Harness Lights-Up & LED Collars

603 Paws Meredith Lupine Leash

Lupine Leash and Collars

603 Paws NH Dog Life Vests

Dog Life Vests

Collars, Leashes, Harneses

Find the perfect collar, leash, or harness to match your pet's personality and style at our Pet Shop. Our collection of EXCLUSIVE Meredith, NH Collars and Leashes, Lupine Leashes & Collars, Life Jackets, Joy Ride, and Puppia Harness is curated to provide the best quality products to our customers. We also have a wide range of collars and accessories like bows, bandanas, bowties, and Lake Winnipesaukee designs to add a touch of flair to your pet's look.

Don't forget your pet name tags! We have single and double side tags available in many sizes and themes. 



Our Pet Shop offers a wide variety of clothing options for your pet and yourself. Choose from our selection of human clothing brands like Teddy the Dog, Dog is Good, Life is Good, and cat-themed apparel.


We also have a great selection of pet clothing options, including Gooby fleece and puffer coats, raincoats, slippers, and sports team apparel from the Bruins, Red Sox, Celtics, and Patriots.

Travel Mugs

Travel Mugs

Dog Dish Towels

Dog Dish Towels

Pet Clothing

Pet Clothing

Unisex Clothing for Humans

Unisex Clothing for Humans

Apparel for Dog/Cat Moms and Dads

Apparel for Dog/Cat Moms and Dads

Cat Toys, Treats, and more

Cat Toys, Treats, and more

Dad Dog and More!

Dad Dog and More!

Socks and Slippers

Socks and Slippers


Seasonal Bandanas, Toys and More

Photo Oct 18 2023, 4 51 56 PM

Birthday Gifts and Treats!


Our Seasonal Toys, Clothing, Treats, and More are perfect for pet owners looking to make the most of every occasion.


We have a vast range of products that follow seasonal themes like Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day, and July 4th. Our seasonal accessories and toys will ensure your furry friend is dressed to impress and can enjoy the festivities with you. 

Make sure to check out Bosco & Roxy Seasonal-inspired dog cookies.


Gifts & More

We carry a wide selection of pet-themed gifts to celebrate the furry members of your family. From cute socks and dish towels to beautiful jewelry, frames, stuffed animals, pet beds and tumblers, we have everything you need to express your love for your pets.


We even have Rainbow Bridge items to honor those who have passed away. Shop online or visit our store to find the perfect gift!

Plus, a wide range of grooming needs, including brushes, soap, paw balm, shag towels, pet cologne, and more. 

Photo Oct 18 2023, 4 55 39 PM

Hoodies and Shirts


Large 40 oz Insulated Tumbler

Photo Oct 18 2023, 4 54 42 PM

Pet Frames

Photo Oct 18 2023, 4 54 33 PM

Pet Theme Jewelry

Photo Oct 18 2023, 4 54 52 PM



Smaller 20 oz Insulated Tumblers

Photo Oct 18 2023, 4 55 24 PM

Cat Toys, Treats, and Shirts for Humans


DIsh Towels



Gift Cards Available

Winni Wags is your local pet grooming expert. We specialize in catering to the specific needs of each pet. When it comes to dog grooming, we know how important it is to have a friendly, experienced team that is dedicated to making the experience as stress-free as possible. Our salon is equipped with the latest technology and equipment to give your dog the best possible experience and outcome. Our nail trimming services are second to none. We have a gentle touch and a keen eye to ensure that the nails are clipped just right. Bring your furry friend in for a complete makeover and know that they’re in good hands.

Located in Weirs Beach at

36 Endicott Street E.,
Laconia, NH 03246

(603) 409-2170

winni wag pet bath

Dog Baths

winni wag spaw

Dog Grooming

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